Our customer doubts!

how do I change my payment method for my current order?

The payment method cannot be changed once the order has been submitted. You can place a new order and select your preferred payment method again. .

When do i receive my order?

We strive for delivery withing 3-5 Business days from the time of purchase. Only in rare cases like, on weekends and on holidays that your order might take up to 7 days to delivery.

Can i order over the phone or through email?

If you have registered with us online and are having difficulty with making a purchase, you can email us from our website so we can process your payment through email. You can also preferably fill out the contact form on our contact page and we will process your order. Or for better assistance, open a live chat with us and we will assist you.

The payment information I added to my order is wrong. What should I do to change it?

Submit the correct payment information once again. Make sure to add a comment with your new payment details to explain the reason. You can alternatively contact our Live Support and place your order from there and we will process your order. .

Can I collect or pickup my order by myself?

No, you can’t. Our Shop will send your order to your nominated shipping address. Our offices do not stock or store products, as they are compounded at the time of script receipt. .

How do I apply for a new cycle?

If you are still a newbie and want a prescription of a cycle from us, you will need to provide all the necessary information required so we can make a prescription and provide you with a recommendation of products which you will purchase. .

How much does it cost to apply for a cycle with you?

Applying for a cycle with us means our physicians will have to analyses data you provided about yourself and come up with a suitable cycle depending on your test results. So, note that each prescription will cost you $100. .


Please note that we only accept bitcoin, bank transfer payments or zelle .

What is the minimum amount do I need to pay via bank transfer?

I’m afraid there is a minimum balance requirement for this payment method. You need a minimum order of $2,000 to pay through bank wire and a minimum order of $1000 through debit card e-bank transfer .

What currency do you accept?

Our standard currency is in US Dollars. Any other currency will be converted and its equivalent paid. So, if you are ordering internationally, that is from one of our other countries we sell to, then you will have to convert your local currency. .

What if my order goes missing?

If this is the case, then please contact us using our CONTACT PAGE and inquire if it is possible. Or you can contact Live Support for better assistance. .

What if my order is incorrect?

Please contact us immediately to discuss and we will rectify any issue. .

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