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buy Increlex online | Increlex dosage. Increlex (MECASERMIN) is a man-made growth factor. It is used to increase growth in children who are short for their age. So It is only for children whose bodies do not make enough growth factor. It is not used if the child has finished growing and his or her bone growth plates have closed. SEE BEST PLACE TO BUY INCRELEX ONLINE.

Indications for: INCRELEX

Growth failure in children with severe primary IGF-1 deficiency (Primary IGFD) or in those with growth hormone (GH) gene deletion who have developed neutralizing antibodies to GH.

Limitations of Use:

Not a substitute to GH for approved GH indications.

Adult Dosage:

Closed epiphyses: not recommended. buy Increlex online | Increlex dosage.

Children Dosage: Administer before or after (+/–20 minutes) a meal/snack; rotate inj sites (upper arm, thigh, buttock or abdomen). <2yrs: not established. Individualized. ≥2yrs: initially 0.04 to 0.08mg/kg SC twice daily; may increase after 1 week by 0.04mg/kg per dose; max 0.12mg/kg twice daily.

INCRELEX Warnings/Precautions: Not for secondary forms of IGF-1 deficiency. Correct thyroid and nutritional deficiences before treatment. Measure preprandial glucose level before treatment and monitor until a tolerated dose is established. Reduce dose if hypoglycemia occurs despite adequate food intake with therapy. Monitor for lymphoid tissue hypertrophy complications.

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